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My anchor faced phots of our Gulf deployment July-November 1981. Hope you see yourself in some of them Best wishes Griff www.ambuscade.org.uk
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04 -Lynx engine change_Gulf 1981
04 -Sea King virtrep 1981
04 -wasp delivers mail 1981
04-Argonaut Swimmer of the watch Gulf 1981
04-Seaboat _gulf_1981
05-Argonaut -Rhylll equater_1981
06_dodgy tash growing competition_gulf_1981
05-Crossing the line3_1981
05-Crossing the line2_1981
05-Crossing the line_1981
05-hundred degree heat_Gulf_1981
00_Argonaut RPs mess grot-Jul_1981
06_HMAS Hobart-HMS Rhyll-HMS Argonaut_Mombassa_Sept-1981
06_Fishing trip Mombassa-Sept1981
06_Fishing hard Mombassa-Sept1981
06_a 33lb Cobia Mombassa-Sept1981
06_a 33lb Cobia Mombassa-Sept_1981
06_Africana Sea Lodge station leave3 Kenya1981
06_Africana Sea Lodge station leave2 Kenya1981
06_Africana Sea Lodge station leave4 Kenya1981
06_Africana Sea Lodge station leave Kenya1981

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