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Personal photos sent in by Ambusmen
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Henry cooper LS(M) 1975-77
Phil cox LT 1977-79
Lou Cox Ro(T) 1976-1979.
Peter Mitchell REM 1977-1979
Tony Mizen 1976-1978
Mike Townson L/CDR (MEO) 1976-1978
David Marchant NA(AH) 1976-1978
Martin Clarke AB(S) 1977-1979
Alan Firth AB(R) 1976-1978
Ian (Yorkie) Brooks AB(R) 1979-1980
Dave RowlandsAB( R) 1979-1982
Nigel Anderson AB(R) 1979- 1981
Paul Humphreys MEM(L) 1980-83
Kev Murkin AEM 1981-82
Steve Frith AB(S) 1981- 1983
Mark Haynes AB(S) 1981-83
Paul Merritt RO(T) 1981-1983
Alf Symonds L/MEM(L) 1982
Keith Agar AB(EW) 1983 - 1984
Terry Coupe PO(S) 1982-1984
Nige Loar PO(M) 1981-1983
Tudor Weeks LWEM 1985-1988
Nick Butler Lt/LTCDR 1982-84 & 1985-87
Andrew Bagsy Baker MEM(M) 1982-1984
Sam Potts CHOPS(M) 1976-1979 & 1982-1985
Mark Pierce L/S(EW) 1982-1983
Mark Brocklehurst L/S(R) 1983-1985
Steve Griffin L/S(R) 1983-1984
Ian Thoburn L/S(M) 1983-1985
Tony Hicks AB(S) 1985-1988
Richard Knight RO1(G) 1986-1987
Tim Washington MEM (M) 1986-1988
Eddie Greer LRO(G) 1988- 1991
Brian Comben MEM(M) 1988-1991
Stuart Ayre AB(S) 1989-1991
Steve Hinds WEM(R) 1989-91
David Dean STD 1990-1992
Paul Newby LMEM(M) 1991-1993
Peter Edge LWEM(O) 1990-1993
Kevin Meadows CK 1990-1993
Burt Lancaster AB(s) 1981-1983 Falklands Return_2005
Dave Rowlands AB(R) 1979-1982 Falklands Return 2007


Many thanks to two former Captains for their large photo collections
CDR Mike Gretton (Capt 1978-79)
1978 slideshow   1979 slideshow
CDR Peter Mosse (Captain 1982-83)
1982-83 slideshow
David Marchant 1976-78
    Ambuscade at sea (Mp4)

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A big thank you to everyone who has contributed

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