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  Type 21 Club Forces Reunited

RN Shipmates

  Rum Ration   
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  HMS Argonaut AssociationF56RN Leander class frigate 1967-1993
  HMS Broadsword AssociationF88RN Type 22 Frigate 1975-1995
  HMS Coventry D118RN Type 42 Destroyer 1978-1982
  HMS Cleopatra F28 RN Leander Frigate 1964-1992
  HMS Glamorgan D119RN County Class Destroyer 1966-1986
  HMS Jupiter F60 RN Leander class frigate 1966-1992
  HMS Naiad F39 RN Leander class Frigate 1965-1990
  HMS Sheffield Association
D80 RN Type 42 Destroyer 1975-1982 + C24 & F96
  Navy News Naval History National Museum of the Royal Navy Portsmouth
  Royal Navy Associations Naval History - Falklands Ships Nostalgia
  SAMA - South Atlantic Medal Association 82   SAMA 82 Passenger ships Timeline 1831-today

  RN ship art (Jacks Taxi)

  RFA Nostalgia -Facebook Forever Jack
  The Mercian Regiment ..Formally The Cheshire Regiment   TS Ambuscade Association

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or by phone at 01752 707710
    TS Ambuscade Sea Cadets Crewe
  Forces Discounts   Discount Scheme for the defence community. Totally free and available to veterans.

  Veterans advice   Guidence of housing and financial support available for veterans
  The A-Z Guide to Veterans and Addiction   This guide aims to build awareness of the plight experienced by many veterans when it comes to addiction. It also provides tips on how to help a veteran who suffers from an addiction.  
  The Silent Enemy: How PTSD Damages Our Soldiers   An infographic aiming to raise awareness about PTSD in the military.
  PSTD   Explaining and understanding PSTD
  PSTD Resource   A directory for the U.S. (pulled from SAMHSA and other sites) with all available Trauma PTSD Drug Rehab centers
  Mesothelioma website   Exposed to Asbestos in the RN?

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